Barbara Maria Morawiec

Author and editor-in-chief of The Library Mirror

I’m an ambassador for libraries, a modern librarian, and a lover of unusual books. I look  positively to the future of libraries as the best-functioning public institutions.

I’m workshops speaker and train librarinas in the field of marketing, PR in the library, creating and managing library services. I have had the opportunity to speak at national and international conferences many times. 

I created many library services, such as „Funding programmes for libraries”, „Work for librarians”, „#coronavirus”, „Digital libraries in Poland”, „Digital libraries in the world”, „Aggregator of library blogs”.

In 2016, I founded the magazine „Biblioteka Publiczna” (The Public Library). In 2017, I created The Forum Bibliotekarzy (The Librarians Forum) on Facebook, which is a place for exchanging experiences and best practices. It is right now the largest professional community in Poland. I’m the author of two books: „Digital Libraries: Creation, Management, Reception” and „Biblioblog in a nutshell – a guide for librarians”, as well as many articles on the promotion of libraries, digital libraries and new technologies in libraries.

I cooperate with many institutions on various reading and library campaigns, and I also organize them myself.

I’m working at The National Library of Poland since 2017 as a menager in different departments, for example: National Library’s Online Services (including the website and social media), „e-service OMNIS” project, National and International Loans Department (interlibrary loans, project). Currently, I’m responsible for building a nationwide library network by means of an integrated library resources management system, as part of the multiyear programme „National Reading Development Programme 2.0 for 2021-2025”.

I was responsible for the National Library’s contacts with the media and the information policy of the National Library od Poland, including the Poradnia BN (on-line help for librarians all over the country) and the NLOP newsletter. Also on behalf of the The National Library of Poland, I coordinated issues related to providing recommendations to libraries during the pandemic and many more.