#SolidarityWithUkraine: a new service for librarians

Libraries, as institutions of social trust, are a place of support for everyone. To help librarians adapt their library services to new users, including those arriving from Ukraine, the Library Mirror has launched the #SolidarityWithUkraine service.

The service includes:

  • examples of good practices and library initiatives
  • alist of sources with free access to books in Ukrainian and other publications
  • ways to support refugees arriving in Poland
  • government’s materials, where useful information and guides have been gathered to help refugees find their way in Poland
  • bilingual materials for download: leaflets, graphics, posters, guides, and more
  • appeals and reactions from the international GLAM community, as well as the Polish library community
  • job offers in libraries.

I also encourage libraries to join the „Heart for Ukraine” campaign. All you need to do is hang a heart in a visible place (windows, doors, shelves, counters, reading rooms).”

See our new online service #SolidarnizUkrainą (#Solidarity with Ukraine)